Review: Therapy Sessions Journals

I was sent this journal (and another one for online sessions) by an Instagram follower, and I really, really love these and think they have a lot of value. Especially for video sessions. My clients have told me that they’ve noticed how they used to think about what they wanted to cover in the session on the drive over, or sitting in the waiting room. Now they just “click” over from whatever they are otherwise working on, and it doesn’t provide any transition time.

I love these journals because it gives the client a structured way to make notes from their sessions and plan for the next one. And then there is a “30 day check-in” page after every 4 or 5 sessions so that the client can see what kinds of progress they are making.

The way I do these kinds of things is to buy a stack of these and price it into the cost of my initial assessment session. But you can also just provide your clients with a link so that they can purchase these if they find it valuable. You can find these on Instagram @adaytoremember_journals, or purchase at the Amazon link below (which is an affiliate link).