I offer individual therapy, couples therapy, brainspotting, and low-fee affordable therapy.

Individual therapy can be helpful for learning to cope with a chronic illness, trauma experienced as a first responder, or for relationship issues even when one partner refuses therapy.

Couples therapy can help address longstanding issues and problems in your relationship, or find new and interesting ways of relating to each other. I’ve worked with all sorts of relationship issues, from parenting issues, to infidelity, to sexual incompatibility, and I even have a book coming out about healthy relationship conflict. DO NOT WAIT until your relationship is in distress to reach out for help.

Brainspotting is a new model of psychotherapy created to help people overcome negative and traumatic emotions, physical trauma, and psychologically-induced physical pain. Brainspotting therapy is based on the fact that the eyes have an intense connection with the brain, that an individual’s feelings are affected by the direction of their gaze, and the theory that trauma is stored in the body and can be activated at a certain eye position. Go to for more information. I ONLY offer brainspotting as an in-person service, but I can provide referrals for brainspotting over video.

For lower fee therapy, I have partnered with two associates who offer sliding scale fees. These individuals have a Masters Degree in Counseling and are building the required 3,000 hours to sit for their licensing exam. I have hired these associates because I believe in their talent and wisdom, and I closely supervise their work. Contact them directly at their web sites: