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My book Healthy Conflict, Happy Couple is available on Amazon.

Stop fighting with each other and start fighting for your relationship.

Healthy Conflict, Happy Couple uncovers the science of conflict to help you let go of blame, and reignite intimacy and joy.

Are you constantly arguing with your partner about every little thing? Do you feel like you are on completely different pages when it comes to finances, future plans, or parenting? Most couples fight from time to time, but if fighting is starting to wear at your relationship, you may need a new method for conflict resolution. This empowering guide can help you find the peace, happiness, and intimacy you seek—all while growing stronger together as a couple.

In Healthy Conflict, Happy Couple, relationship expert Lisa Gray breaks down the neuroscience of conflict, examines family of origin learnings—beliefs, attitudes, or habits we learn in childhood from our own parents—and provides practical methods which can be employed in any situation to help you put an end to unproductive arguments. You’ll also find evidence-based communication, mindfulness, and cognition skills to help you stay calm, work through disagreements, and come to a peaceful resolution—even when your emotions are running high.

With this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn:

    • The science of why you fight
    • Mindfulness skills to manage conflict in the moment
    • How to build awareness of your own fight or flight responses
    • Breathing techniques to soothe anger
    • Creative problem-solving skills to encourage cooperation and harmony!