Review: Feel by E. Trent Thompson & Arielle Estoria

This is a little bit different of a review. E. Trent Thompson is a friend of mine, and this little book would be such a fantastic Christmas gift for your therapist, your therapist friends, your colleagues — or really anyone! This book is a list of emotions, and Arielle writes a beautiful poem that describes the emotion. Then Trent compliments that with an artistic depiction of the emotion. Here’s an example:

We keep this on our coffee table in our lobby for clients to peruse. One of my colleagues used it for a support group, opening with each person choosing a page for check-in. And it can be used in so many ways with clients who find it hard to identify emotion, or it would be appropriate for anyone who loves art or poetry.

You can still get this as a Christmas gift, and in the month of December, you can 10% off your purchase with the code FEEL234 at!